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Tortillas Los Angeles


Tortillas Los Angeles is proud to be a Wisconsin born company dedicated to producing authentic and organic corn tortillas and other bakery products. The corn we use is special to us, grown locally, and is Non-GMO, Non-Chemical Fertilizer, and Gluten-Free. For processing our corn we follow the original recipe developed by our Mayan and Aztec ancestors using lime, nowadays called NIXTAMALIZATION - 'nixtamalizacion' in Spanish and 'NIXTAMAL' in the Aztec dialect of Nahuatl. With this process and with the use of a volcanic stone grinding machine, a special manual tortilla press, and the best cooking process, we provide you real, fresh, and delicious tortillas. We sell our products in almost all of Dane County as well as Elkhorn, WI. We also sell certified processed grains to brewers to make beer. Ask for the beer made with red and blue nixtamalized corn masa called LUNA LLENA for availability at Working Draft Beer Co.


We Sell:

Plain Tortillas: Yellow, Red & Blue.

Flavor Tortillas: White Corn and Spinach; White Corn & Guajillo Chili Peppers

Other: Tlacoyos "Aztec Bread"; Sopes; Tortilla Chips; Yellow and Blue Mexican Tamales (special order)

Please contact us for more information about our products!


4510 Femrite Dr
Madison, WI 53716
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