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Recipes / Recetas

Cucumber & Red Onion Salad | Ensalada de pepino y cebolla roja

Oven-fried Potatoes | Papas fritas al horno

Fresh Fruity Spinach Salad | Ensalada de espinacas con frutas frescas

Spiced Chunky Applesauce | Pure de manzana con especias

Fresh Corn & Tomato Salsa | Salsa fresca de maiz y tomate

Recipes courtesy of UW-Extension. Visit their "Discover Wisconsin Farmers Markets" page for more recipes!

Canning Basics / Fundamentos del envasado con baño de agua

Canning Basics (UW-Extension)

Fundamentos del envasado con baño de agua (Michigan Fresh)

Freezing / Escaldar y congelar alimentos

Freezing Fruits and Vegetables (UW-Extension)

Escaldar y congelar alimentos (Michigan Fresh)

Additional Resources

General resources in English: UW-Extension's website

General recursos en Español: Michigan Fresh

Asbestos Resources
Agricultural workers and farmers work on farms to produce crops, livestock and dairy products. Farmers are at risk of exposure to asbestos through soil, vermiculite and products on farming equipment and machinery.